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I would love to be able to contact Mike Wylie and Amiee Christensen and help them recognize why Lehi is doing things that make them feel “less desirable.” Their reactions to the idea of raising prices on non-residents for Lehi programs were published today in the Daily Herald. I’m not saying that their reactions were completely wrong, but they can’t honestly expect to have Lehi sit like a doormat while others take advantage of city programs.

“Lehi is now trying to push us out,” Wylie said of Lehi’s proposal. “It is one city trying to act like a grown-up and spank the child… I did not do anything wrong. Having lived in the South, and having lived in areas of prejudice, that is almost how I feel I am being treated now.”

Communities should work together to ensure children have access to sports and recreation programs, and when they don’t, it leaves children to roam the streets, and everyone pays a price, he said.

In an e-mail to the Daily Herald and Lehi Council members, Amiee Christensen said she grew up in Lehi but high home prices had forced her move to Eagle Mountain. She said that while she agreed with the sentiment that Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs need to “grow up, I am outraged that there is a proposal to even make it difficult for me to be buried with my family in Lehi. I am living in Eagle Mountain only because I cannot afford to live in Lehi. The low cost of living in Eagle Mountain has forced me and my family to move from the city that my family helped build.”

If Lehi is angry about traffic, the city “should punish the one that is making the problem, the state,” she said. “They are the one that is slow to act and quick to point fingers. I am sad to say that I am from a city that will throw temper tantrums that rival a 2-year-old to get their way… Maybe we should realize that the people of the cities west of Lehi are good people who are sometimes not completely in control of their destiny and they just might need a helping hand from the closest big brother — Lehi.”

Ms. Christensen appears to be unaware of the fact that the mayor of Saratoga Springs has just finished opposing Lehi’s position on the traffic problem, which was directed at the state, in a very public manner. I have a hard time believing that she would expect “a helping hand from the closest big brother” while they are poking big brother in the eye.

I agree with her that the people west of Lehi are generally good people, just as the people of Lehi are generally good people. What needs to happen right now between these cities is a conference of residents and city officials between the cities to talk about their different perspectives on problems such as overcrowding in Lehi programs and Lehi streets and the problems with the solutions proposed by UDOT and now endorsed by Saratoga Springs. If the cities want to cooperate on one issue they should be cooperating on all of them. Lehi want’s to cooperation on the traffic/MVC issue and I think they would be very willing to cooperate on the community programs issue if they felt that they would not be ignored on the traffic issue.

So let’s all stop acting like children (as each side has accused the other of acting) and sit down like adults to discuss our different perspectives and find solutions that are mutually beneficial.

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  1. Amiee Christensen
    March 14, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    I would love to comment. I used to be on the planning commission in Lehi. This is not a new problem. I was misquoted some, but I am outraged at the steps that have been taken. The solution to the problem is not to cut off your nose to spite your face. There is going to be eminate domain and taking of property. My family has had land taken many times. I-15 runs through land that my family farmed. I just think that to solve this problem we need to look at the long term and work together to fix it; Not punish each other until we get what we want. I am upset by the latest annexing and de-annexing that is going on. Although I cannot simply say that I have an answer and nobody will be completely happy with the solution, there are steps that need to be taken. My outrage is just in the fact that instead of solving problems, let’s just bicker and take away the other kids toys. I think that we are more evolved than that. Aren’t we?

  2. March 14, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    I would like to think that we have grown past playground pettiness, but obviously it doesn’t always show. I think that we agree that what is happening between the cities as this northwest part of the county experiences so much growth is unfortunate, and even petty at times. I also think that we agree that it’s time for citizens and leaders to be more proactive in approaching the challenges that we are facing here.

    There’s not reason that we have to create animosity by taking these playground approaches.

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