The Revolution

After the primary season and the surprises from the Ron Paul campaign I have wanted to read his book, The Revolution – A Manifesto, for quite some time. I had to wait or quite a while before it became available at my library (apparently I was not very early in placing my hold). I was interested to see what Ron Paul would write considering what he had said and what had been said about him.

I think the shortest accurate review of the book would read like this:

Forget everything you know, or think you know, about Ron Paul before you start reading this book. After you have read it decide what you really think about what he says here.

I honestly believe that the greatest disservice that most people could do to themselves when reading this book would be to color their reading with preconceived notions of how radical his ideas are. Personally I think it is always well worth my time to explore the ideas of a person who can alienate conservatives and liberals at the same time as he unites people from across the political spectrum.

After having read the book I would love to have someone, anyone, go through the book and refute the points that Rep. Paul makes with evidence and statistics rather than the simple and meaningless marginalizing treatment that he and his campaign receved throughout the primary process. I would love to see someone who could do that or the entire book, but I would be surprised if anyone could accomplish the feat for a single chapter of The Revolution.