Campaign Week

I have spent months gathering information and studying candidates and issues as well as learning about my precinct since I didn’t live here until just after the caucus meetings two years ago. I have talked to a number of my neighbors although I have tried not to overwhelm anyone with my interest in politics. Now we come down to the final week before our precinct caucus meeting and hopefully a week from today I will be, as one person succinctly described it, “every candidate’s best friend.” In other words, a state delegate in the Republican party.

Now is the time to more actively campaign among my neighbors and let them get to know more about my political interests than could be displayed within the limitations of a caucus meeting. In addition to sharing reminders about the caucus meeting that would inform people about my intent to seek a state delegate position, I’m thinking about holding a small pre-caucus meeting where people in the neighborhood could come talk together about issues.

Anyone have any thoughts about such an idea?