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Endorsing Laura Belnap

School board races tend to fly under the radar and rarely do I see one candidate shine compared to their opponent but this is one of those times.

Funding Education

When your car stops running the solution isn’t always to put gas in the gas tank. Likewise, funding our schools isn’t as straightforward as simply figuring out who should foot the bill.

Thoughts on Caucus System Reform

Curt Bentley has an excellent post in which he discusses the issue of reforming the caucus system. I really appreciate the methodical approach he has taken to examine the issue. I completely agree with each of his guiding principles and…

Strengthening Our Caucus System

Instead of sidestepping our caucus system we should strengthen it by keeping what it is good at (leveling the playing field for candidates) and improving where it is weak (disenfranchising less popular political positions). We can do that by changing the way delegates are chosen.

Please Don’t Vote

Voting is no panacea. If we don’t do the work that needs to be the foundation of voting it can do more harm than good.

Happy Fireworks Day

photo credit: Camera Slayer Regardless of how much some people may talk about the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States during their celebrations on the fourth day of July each year, and despite reports suggesting that…

Failure of the American Voter

I’ve been thinking about the massive disconnect between the abysmal ratings that Congress enjoys (8% approval I recently read) and the virtual invincibility of Congressional incumbents (incumbents consistently win 90% of the elections where they seek reelection). I realized that…

Multi-Dimensional Political Perspectives

photo credit: mkandlez Jane Hamsher wrote about the 11 Dimensional Chess approach to health care legislation that the Obama administration tried. That sent me back to some earlier thoughts I had shared about how we visualize the political spectrum. The…