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Choosing a Third Party Candidate

If you are choosing a Third Party candidate to vote for, choose one who demonstrates the traits of a decent president. This year, choose Evan McMullin.

Carly Fiorina

If the question before me were “should Carly Fiorina be our next President?” the answer would have to be I really don’t know yet.

John Kasich

I anticipated a decent amount of political experience but was surprised to find even more political experience than expected. Even when we need a change of course experience is a valuable commodity.

Ted Cruz

Ted’s values centered approach and his open “judge me based on my past actions” attitude make him a candidate deserving of consideration.

Bernie Sanders

In the end I’ve concluded that Bernie Sanders is like Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul – a legitimate candidate who swings for the fences and excites a portion of the electorate but whose vision voters should take with a grain of salt even if they support him.

Rick Santorum

When surrounded by more flamboyant candidates it’s easy to forget the depth and breadth of experience that Rick Santorum brings to the table as a candidate.

Evaluating Presidential Candidates

The 2016 race is much more volatile than I anticipated so I’ve decided to post my evaluation of all the candidates like I did in the 2008 race.

Scott Howell for US Senate

When I wrote a better to the editor in support of Dan Liljenquist during the GOP primary earlier this year one of the comments that was made in response to my letter was that once Hatch won the primary all…

Polly Tribe for Davis School Board

I have not really paid much attention to the race for Davis County School board but I was reviewing my ballot to make sure I had looked into each race I will be voting on and realized that I had…

Ready to Vote

Votes will start to be counted this week. The Iowa caucuses take place on Thursday as a wide open presidential election promises to dominate the news coverage for another 10 months. I have already done individual endorsements of the candidates…