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Causes and Symptoms

There are still times when doctors are limited to treating symptoms but generally in modern times our doctors seek to treat the underlying cause of a problem rather than the symptoms. We need to do more of that in the healthcare industry – especially as it relates to our most pressing chronic condition in the industry: uncontrolled costs.

The Scary Flu Monster

I won’t argue that the flu vaccine is not worth getting but I am confident that it is not effective or important enough to mandate it for the general population.

Do We Have Reason To Celebrate?

If we celebrate Independence Day rather than simply the 4th of July what are we celebrating? Do we even have any independence anymore?

Repeal vs Lawsuit vs Nullification

photo credit: Smabs Sputzer Ever since the passage of that rancid piece of legislative sausage labeled health care reform Republicans have been talking about repealing the bill. Some even talk about “repeal and replace” as their goal. Alongside that rhetoric…

Reality Bites

photo credit: erin m Before the health care vote even started candidates and elected officials opposed to this atrocious excuse for health care reform were pledging to repeal it if passed. They have asked citizens to support those who are…

A Real Christmas Gift

President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and other congressional leaders among the Democrats hailed the passage of the Senate health “reform” bill as a Christmas gift to the American people. That’s about the equivalent of trying to convince the chief…

Reid Has a Moment of Sanity

I was very surprised when reading about the results of the Senate vote on health care. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., initially cast a “no” vote. The explanation we are given is that he was exhausted – which makes…

It's Not Too Late to Change Your Mind

Conservatives, for right reasons and wrong reasons, are united in opposition to the current health care reform legislation. Unfortunately many liberals are falling into the trap of “stand by our guys” that already landed us in NCLB, Medicare Part D,…