Get Ready to Vote

One of the things I hear about in the news are the stories of people being turned away from polling places for not being properly registered to vote or for showing up at the wrong location. In Utah we have a chance to vote with a provisional ballot where there is confusion, but we also have the chance to minimize the confusion. At the website of the Lieutenant Governor you can find out if you are registered to vote and see where your poling place is located. Go there now and confirm your status as a registered voter by entering some basic information about yourself (name, DOB, county, & house number). If you are registered to vote where you currently live you will see your polling place displayed as well as your party affiliation, otherwise you will be instructed to contact your county clerk.

The great advantage of going now is that if you are not properly registered you still have two weeks to get to the county clerk’s office and get registered in time to vote in the general election. If you are registered you will be able to view a sample ballot for your precinct. The sample ballot contains links to information on many of the candidates and issues (such as the amendments I have been writing about). This gives you one month to get informed before casting your vote if you have not already started to do so.

2 comments for “Get Ready to Vote

  1. Barbara
    October 7, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    David, would you mind if I shared your post with my friends and neighbors in way of encouraging them to exercise their citizenship? It is so nicely written and nonpartisan. If I can do a cut and paste job, (giving you credit, of course) rather than try to create my own version, I will be more effective in sharing the message. I would probably never get the job done trying to write my own message.

  2. October 7, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    Absolutely. Consider this open permission to anyone who wants to copy this post word-for-word to their own sites. (With an attribution link please.)

    I hope that it may be spread as widely as possible before it’s too late for people to register if they need to.

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