Ron Paul

Outside of the three leading candidates from each of the two major parties I have heard more about Ron Paul in political discussions online than any other candidate. I have heard members of three distinct political parties interested in his candidacy. For that reason I have been very eager to learn more about him. Honestly, from all the discussion I only had a vague idea of what to expect.

I found a politician who is exceptionally principled with a long track record of sticking to his principles. Unfortunately I did not come away convinced that he would be willing/able to work with people who have varied viewpoints. Generally speaking I like the principles that he stands for, but if good principles stand in the way of actual progress then they are a stumbling block to the country. We have already seen for years the results of a president who does not feel the need to compromise. I don’t mean to suggest that Ron Paul would be like George W. Bush – they’re quite different – but he very well might be as insulated from outside influence as the current administration has been.

I struggled to come to grips with Congressman Paul but then I recognized what I was struggling with (lack of evidence that he could work effectively with the opposition) and realized that I could not endorse Ron Paul in 2008.

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