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Donald Trump

I could forgive a candidate for having underdeveloped policy positions and plans, I can also forgive a candidate for being prone to verbal gaffes but I find it difficult to conclude that a candidate suffering from both of those drawbacks is actually ready to hold the office of president. The fact that Donald Trump has both of those flaws while maintaining such a significant level of support in the race makes him a very politically destructive candidate.

Evaluating Presidential Candidates

The 2016 race is much more volatile than I anticipated so I’ve decided to post my evaluation of all the candidates like I did in the 2008 race.

Confusing the Point

Jay Evensen arguing that Edward Snowden being in Russia lessens his credibility or that the NSA has a legitimate spying to do to protect us completely misses the point behind the Snowden leaks – which is that the NSA is systematically overstepping their bounds and going to great lengths to hide it from the very people charged with overseeing the agency.

Saving Social Security

SSA card on Money

When I heard Doug Wright say that he was incensed to hear someone characterize Social Security as charity it got me wondering – maybe it would be a good thing if social security were set up more like a charity so that we did not make it available to people who had sufficient assets to support themselves.

The Issue of Secession

Is the lack of a constitutional provision for secession a problem? What would such a provision look like? I would like to explore these questions to see what it reveals about secession and about our nation.

Political Sacred Cows

Whenever someone assigns one thing as unassailable – whether it’s HAFB, the importance of seniority, the idea that all elected officials are crooks who should be replaced, or even the original text of the U.S. Constitution – it eventually leads them to make decisions that are undesirable in the long run.

Politics vs Economics

I am not surprised that there are big ideas that make perfect sense from an economic perspective which are politically unpopular – after all, doing what has been deemed to be politically possible has led us to a dire economic position.

Perspective on Palin Endorsing Hatch

I was a little surprised at the news that Sarah Palin had endorsed Orrin Hatch. It’s not that I had expected her to endorse Dan Liljenquist, just that I would not have expected her to see an entrenched, entitled incumbent…

We Need a New Generation in Washington

Investors Business Daily has a pro-Hatch propaganda piece up that deserves a few tweaks. First, the headline says that republicans must gain control of Congress for the economy to recover. Do we really need to remind everyone that Republicans had…

Campaign Platform of the President the Nation Needs

The other day I was sitting on a bus with time to let my mind wander. I was thinking about our presidential campaign season and the ideas being promoted by our current candidates – including our current president – when…